Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cloud is McLeod

In 2010 (October, again), I received an e-mail from Sally Shell Parker about "Cloud L. Givens", born about 1908. Sally wrote: The individual listed as "Cloud" L. Givens is the son of William Robert and Delaney Givens is actually named Lonnie McLeod Givens. Sally's mother, Audie Boyett was married to him on 3 April 1932; Audie and "Cloud"/Lonnie had a son named Lonnie McLeod Givens, Jr. 26 Nov. 1933. Lonnie Jr. died 5 Sep 1952 in Sabao, Japan. He was a single man with no children.

When, in 1932, Audie and "Doc" Givens (aka Lonnie McLeod Givens), were married, William Robert and Delaney Givens (nee Barfield) were living in Apalachicola, Florida, and than ran a bording house at Shipes Mill.

Sally writes that shen her mother, Audie, and Lonnie/Doc Givens divorced (date not known, yet);  Lonnie, Jr.  went to live with his grandmother, who raised him.  Lonnie Jr. is buried at Millville Cemetery in Bay County, Florida.

Sally requested then for the birth and death dates for Lonnie McLeod Givens (born about 1908), she would appreciate having that for her file. 

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