Thursday, August 14, 2003

Chancery Records of Okaloosa County, FL, Book #8, page 588, shows a divorce matter for Murl Givens and a Robert W. Givens. The final decree date is 26 June 1950.

On a death certificate for Samuel Edward Givens, who died 8 March 1947 at the age of 4days, 12 hours, is listed as the father, Robert W. Givens and mother, Murl Riley. The death of an infant is a sore trial that tests the bonds of matrimony, as much as, if not more than other problems and challenges.
Andrew Givin, age 22 from SC appears in the 1880 Census of Escambia, FL. Will try to get more info on this, but just wondered if it is a Givens person!
Okaloosa News Journal Item, dated 8 August, 1919: "Ed Givens, who has been in France for something over a year, passed through here Wednesday en route to his home at Laurel Hill."

Does anyone know who this refers to?

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Be sure and read the archives, here, at this blog. It will give a little more background on who I am, where and what I'm researching and what loose ends I am trying to tie up.
I am really excited about the proposed reunion in DeFuniak Springs, FL on October 18th, 2003. Thanks, Foye, for setting that up for us; we look forward to hearing the details. Now, I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea for each of us to tell how we're related to the Givens Family. Or what our interest is in the Givens Family. Kind of introduce ourselves to each other. I can give a brief rundown on each of the ones I've invited but I'm sure that a more accurate description could be given by the persons involved in this blog.

There is one person who I would like to introduce that doesn't have e-mail. Her name is Christine Clary Givens and she just called me from her home near Florala, yesterday. Christine is the widow of William Edward Givens, b. 1925, and William Edward is the son of William Edward Givens, born 1891 in Muscogee (AL, I believe)! William Edward, Senior was the brother of my grandfather, Richard Lud (Ludlow?) Givens. When W.E. Givens, Senior died, his son changed his name to William Edw. to honor his father. William Edward, Jr. was actually born and raised as Virl Quinton Givens. Anyway, Christine is a wonderful lady and when I went to visit her in February, we traveled to the nearby Red Oak Cemetery where Bertha Mae Leonard Givens, wife of W.E. Givens, Sr., is buried. We also went to lunch in Andalusia and visited the house where Rose Emma Henley Givens raised her family after the death of her husband, James Alexander Givens. I am in touch with Carl Palmer who now owns that house and is in the process of renovating it. We hope that he will keep us in the loop as to his progress (or lack thereof) and come to the reunion in October to share with us what he has discovered about the Givens family of that time and place.

Now, as to my own origins and connection to the Givens Family. My mother was the daughter of Alice Settles, who eventually did marry Richard Lud Givens, (when my mom was about eight years old). My grandmother Alice married several people, but it was my mother's story that she loved Lud Givens long before she was able to marry him. At the very least, my mother, Opal, considered Lud to be her father and they had a very close relationship. Like all families they had their share of trials. Before I was born, my mother and her husband, Dewey Winters, had a little boy named James Richard Winters. They called him "Pelo". When he was about two he got run over by his granddaddy, Lud Givens. Pelo had run out after his grandpa as Lud was backing up the truck and gotten caught under the wheels. My grandfather, Lud, never got over the death of this little grandson.

What's your story? Richard Lud Givens was the son of William Sherman Givens who was the son of John Witherspoon Givens. How are you connected?

Friday, August 01, 2003

A Givens Family Reunion is tentatively set for October 18th, in DeFuniak Springs, FL. In particular, the families and descendants of John Witherspoon Givens and/or Robert Givens, "Old Bob", are invited to watch for more information coming soon. Please pass the word to others and respond if you are interested in participating. E-Mail Margaret as soon as possible.

Friends and family of the Givens in the counties of Okaloosa, Covington, Baldwin, Escambia, and other counties in the Southeastern U.S. are welcome to post to this board.
1918-1921 Baldwin marriages references the Givens-Ard connection and the Givens-Jernigan connection.

Would like to know, also, ancestry of these Givens mentioned in the 1913-1917 Marriages of Baldwin County, AL.

1922-29 Baldwin Marriages: Wilcox-Givens?

1930-1938 marriages in Baldwin Co.: Phillips/Givens

Vernon Givens married Mary Ard: See 1944-45 Marriages Baldwin Co., AL.
1906 Marriages for Baldwin County, AL mention a Mrs. Ollie Givens.
Also reference the 1900 Census for Baldwin County and please report in if you have knowledge of Ollie Givens, etc.
Does anyone know who these Givens are that are mentioned in the online database for Marriages of Baldwin County, AL, 1907-1912?

Sunday, January 26, 2003

This weblog is a forum for the researchers and family of the Givens Surname to gather. My name is Margaret M. Harris and I am a descendant of John Witherspoon Givens, who was the son of Robert Givens from Mecklenburg, North Carolina. All Givens' kin are invited to the "Family Reunion" that the world wide web can be!