Saturday, July 31, 2010

Genealogy Essays: Estimating Dates

Genealogy Essays: Estimating Dates: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Untangling the Web

I have wondered, many times, how I could connect my Givens ancestors with the folks who contact me and tell me of their Givens' connections.  Ancestry's Family Trees certainly is helpful in finding the links, but I suppose that a graphic representation would also be helpful.  I have only dabbled in that area, producing some preliminary charts. 

I haven't seen or yet conceptualized a chart that includes both the different family branches and the different researchers working on those family lines.

If I had such a chart at my disposal, I'd connect Mary Alice B. to Sarah Elizabeth Givens, the daughter of Joseph Harvel/Harvey Givens.  Sarah married Henry Merit/Merritt Cooper.  One of their sons is Mary's grandfather.  I'd imagine that she is also working on the Cooper line.  By the way, Mary connected with me through MyHeritage, one of many websites that I've put my genealogy on.

Does anyone have pictures of this line?  I'll have to look into finding some on the Internet or at Ancestry!