Monday, August 24, 2009

Rose Givens' House

When Alex Givens (James Alexander Givens) passed away in Bradley, Alabama, on June 21, 1921, he left behind, his widow and nine children. I'm not sure of the exact circumstances of his death (I'm lagging behind in my research and documentation), but at some point, Mrs. Givens and her family settled in this large home in the city of Andalusia, Alabama. Mrs. Carl Palmer and her husband are the current owners of this house; they have completed many of the renovation projects in their efforts toward historical restoration. Most interesting though, is their hard work in documenting the family during the period of their residence in this home. They have completed much, if not all of the historical restoration, by now, I'm sure. A shout-out to them for their efforts, "Thank You".

Question: Where is Alex Givens buried?
Answer: Almarante Cemetery, Laurel Hill, Okaloosa Co., Florida

Question: How did he die?

Question: How did Rose Givens come to live in this house with her family?

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